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Personal Tax Planning

Personal Tax Planning & Inheritance Tax Advice

Our income tax team will make sure your income tax burden will be kept as low as possible. We can make sure your personal wealth is working hard to ensure the best return on investment and that you are not only compliant with income tax regulations but that most importantly you are taking advantage of all the tax reduction strategies available to your particular circumstances.

We prefer to work with our clients to legitimately minimize their tax bills. Our clients are often surprised at what can be achieved, even sometimes turning an apparent tax problem into a positive advantage. We have a professionally trained team able to provide a quick and efficient solution to your tax return headaches.

We will ensure that the information you provide is correctly reflected in your completed tax return and that all relevant claims to relief are made. We will calculate your tax liability. We will tell you what tax is due (if any) and when payments should be made.

No matter how straightforward or complex your financial affairs may be, we can deal with it. This includes:

  • Income from Property calculations.
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Benefits in Kind
  • Foreign Income
  • Inheritance Tax

To discuss how we can help you call Ian Carmichael on 01443 841 184 or iancarmichael@obrienandpartners.co.uk

Inheritance tax

At O’Brien & Partners we do everything possible to ensure that your assets are passed to your loved ones intact without a heavy tax burden. We advise on a full range of inheritance tax relief strategies. There are strategies that can result in a greatly reduced tax bill and can even ensure you still benefit from your assets before they are passed to loved ones.

For example, over the years one of our clients had built up a significant property portfolio and was concerned about the potential Inheritance Tax in the event of his death.

He was aware that if he made gifts of the properties to his adult children and survived for 7 years thereafter, the value of the properties would fall out of consideration for Inheritance Tax purposes. But these gifts would still create an unwelcome Capital Gains Tax liability based on their current market value.

Mr Smith was currently letting the properties and wanted to continue receiving the rental income that was being generated from them.

We were able to suggest a solution which ensured that Mr Smith and his wife could continue to enjoy the rents from the property, the value of the properties would fall out of consideration for Inheritance Tax after 7 years and no Capital Gains Tax liability would arise.

We will put in place a strategy that will eliminate (or at least reduce considerably) the need to take expensive insurance to cover the anticipated tax bill at death.

If you have any concerns regarding potential Inheritance Tax liabilities please contact Mark Aherne on 01443 841184 markaherne@obrienandpartners.co.uk

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